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About Third Wave

Third Wave’s purpose is to foster the emerging psychedelic ecosystem by providing individuals with research-based education, access to vetted providers, and membership in our global community of psychedelic pioneers.

Third Wave promises to facilitate cultural evolution by making psychedelic experiences safe, effective, and meaningful. Starting with preparation, using Third Wave’s educational offerings, and continuing with trusted experiences using our network of vetted providers, clientele will then be integrated into our global community of psychedelic pioneers.

We’ve reached the third wave of human development. It’s evolved from ancestral ceremonies in the first wave, to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in the second wave, to a full blown modern renaissance facilitated by Third Wave’s platform of research-based education, vetted providers, and international community.

Radical intrapersonal and collective betterment does not come from taking psychedelics within a vacuum of context. It comes from knowing how to best apply profound insights within the continually evolving context of modern life. Third Wave maximizes human potential by applying mastery of psychedelics to the world as it currently is. We are your humble leader in moving society past antiquated narratives of linear, practical betterment, to what’s possible for human evolution, by deploying the magical power of psychedelics.

Third Wave Values

Transparency, distillation of cutting-edge research, years of experience, and a robust offering allows Third Wave to be a trusted authority in the community.

Third Wave abides by a moral and ethical code, upholding the psychedelic industry to universally beneficial standards.

Informed by the latest discoveries, Third Wave communicates in approachable ways and shares a vetted network of best-in-class providers with all seekers.

Third Wave communicates esoteric and dense psychedelic materials in concise, transparent, and digestible ways for a general audience.